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CrossFit is the brain child of Greg Glassman. Glassman opened the first CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, California in the late 90s. He was able to articulate the definition of fitness better than anyone ever has.


In the first CrossFit Journal article in 2002, Glassman explained how fitness is measured: increasing your fitness means improving your work capacity over broad time and module domains. This essentially means fitness is simply an increased ability to do a variety of different physical tasks. Fitness is thus observable, measurable and repeatable.


Glassman’s concepts about fitness started to spread quickly during the early 2000s. By 2014, the number of affiliates reached 10,000 wordwide. CrossFit Nolensville is proud to be the first and only box in Nolensville, Tennessee.    

CrossFit Nolensville


After 6 year of personal training, Owner Sean Ford took his knowledge of one-on-one training and his love for the sport of CrossFit and opened the doors to CrossFit Nolensville in 2013...

Our Facility


WHERE you workout can have a huge impact on HOW WELL you workout. We know this and we have optomized our facility around it...



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What Is CrossFit?


One of the keys to gaining general physical preparedness stems from your ability to perform functional movements.

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