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CrossFit Nolensville


After 6 year of personal training, Owner Sean Ford took his knowledge of one-on-one training and his love for the sport of CrossFit and opened the doors to CrossFit Nolensville in 2013...

CrossFit Nolensville is proud to be one of the only fitness centers in town. We dont have the biggest facility but we pack a punch! CrossFit Nolensville is housed in 3,400 square foot commercial property located in Brittian Plaza just off Nolensville Rd.


We are very proud of the Box that we have created. Through trial and error, we have learned the necessary keys to give the customer the best possible CrossFit experience...

1. Adequate Square Footage: We might not have a million dollar facility, and we dont want one. We have a proper sized facility to fit well over 15 athletes during a single class. 


2. Dropping Weights: With wall-to-wall rubber flooring, you can drop weights absolutely anywhere. This isnt planet fitness, dropping weights prevents injury and its kind of fun. 


3. Room to Run: Located in the back of Brittian plaza we have plenty of non traffic running room. We have marked courses for out 200m, 400m, and one mile routes. 


4. High Quality Equipment: CrossFit Nolensville provides its athletes with some of the best equipment on the market for training. Some of our equipment includes: Air Assault Bikes, Concept 2 Rowers, 30' Rogue Monster Rig, and Brand new specialty olympic lifting bars. 


5. Community: We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of fitness. To achieve your goals you need like-minded people to surround yourself with that will support you, push you, and encourage you every step of the way.


Our Facility


WHERE you workout can have a huge impact on HOW WELL you workout. We know this and we have optomized our facility around it...



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What Is CrossFit?


One of the keys to gaining general physical preparedness stems from your ability to perform functional movements.

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